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Lavori Recenti

Louise Clare Marshall | Beautiful

Louise Clare Marshall (David Gilmour) 2016 CD

The Computers | Birth Death

2016 One Little Indian CD | Vinyl | Streaming

Fratelli Calafuria | Prove Complesse

Fratelli Calafuria | Prove Complesse CD Mastering Woodworm/Audioglobe

Fine Before You Came | Live In Genova

Live In Genova (Unplugged) La Tempesta Vinyl Mastering


Sans Alibi 2014 Single Mastering Mercury

Maurizio Minardi

Piano Ambulance 2014 Album Mastering


Sei Tu Prod. Flavio Ferri (Delta V) Single Mastering

The Synergee

2014 Album Mastering


Album Mastering Mastering Vinile 2014

Lady Lykez

Single Mastering / Radio CTRL Management

Dwayne Tryumf

2014 Album Mastering and MFiT Masters

Vasilis Xenopoulos

2014 Album Mastering

Garou | Au milieu de ma vie

Album Mastering Universal France

East India Youth | Total Strife Forever

Album CD, Vinile e MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) Stolen Records

Fighting Fiction | The Long & Short Of It

Album Mastering Xtra Mile Recordings

Djevara | The Ante Dote

Album Mastering Genin Records

Kidnap Alice

CD Mastering Indie

The Lost Cavalry

Album Mastering Indie